Take a brah’s word for it, you don’t need to live in Cali to have beach hair. Our first-of-its-kind peroxide conditioner provides all the rays and waves in a convenient, daily-use formula. Leaves you with the delicious scent of surf wax. $12.

Gui grew up in the sun and surf of the golden state. A natural brunette, he watched his hair turn platinum blonde every summer thanks to the sun’s rays and a chlorinated lap pool. But his great-looking hair came at the cost of split ends, damaged locks, a frustrated hair stylist, and thousands of hours in that swimming pool.

After college, Gui got more of a tan from his cubicle’s halogen lamp than the sunshine and eventually lost his trademark golden locks. Gutted by this new reality, he made it his mission to find a way to bottle the rays and waves of California and make them available to those who aspire to an active/outdoor lifestyle but aren’t necessarily exposed to the same elements.

The process of bottling the joie de vivre of Cali started at a salon. We consulted with the best stylists to identify the premier ingredients for maintaining healthy locks. Of course there was also the issue of coloring, specifically: how to manufacture a natural, sun-kissed look without that $200 visit to the salon and the associated PSA that you get your hair dyed (true beach-goers can't be bothered by that stuff anyways). For that, we turned to our friends in the lab and traded all of our earthly possessions for cosmetic research, formula composition, and testing. Many trusting noggins later, we landed on this all-natural conditioner that will not only give you healthy hair, but also leave you with the irresistible scent of surf wax and the look of a dude or dudette who just hung nine on Bali’s south shore. Right-o!

So if you dig the motion of the ocean — or flat out just want to look like the healthy, beautiful, active gal or guy you know you are — get your hands on a bottle and rep the beach life with us.